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I'm Bri, a very cool artist and designer.

I love rust, glitter, science, and being a human body powered by blood and oxygen. I create fashion, visual art, and poetry with this focus.

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28th of February, 2023.

Site Update

Whew, lots of work on the Projects page today. I've created the page and added in overviews for fashion, art, poetry, and writing, and also populated it with a lot of cropped images (regretfully I probably need to further reduce the file sizes of all of these). There are a lot of hyperlinks on this new page that don't lead anywhere, but I'll get around to it.

I like the look of this page, with separate blocks for the main four project categories, but I do wonder if I should just give them their own whole site pages? If I go with that route, it will not be too hard to create the pages from what's already here. I'm just not sure if that makes the site navigation too winding, the pages too buried?

Personal Update

Not a lot to report here since the last update, but I wanted some cyan text. Uni has started! It is Day 2 of the semester and my self-directed working today was a bit shaky, ah. Hopefully I will warm up to it throughout the week. Assuming I don't get completely lost in the webdev mines again...

Another note is that I may have to ditch the previously mentioned much beloved Night Gym; partly because of morning uni classes, but moreso because my mood has been somewhat volatile over the last month. I am hoping that making a renewed effort to sleep at night will sort me out. But thank you, Night Gym, I won't ever forget you.
20th of February, 2023.

Site Update

Hey! This site is being reworked to have a bit of blog functionality... and a more cohesive structure behind the scenes, too. The style sheets were getting out of hand. I've tried to pare down my site map, and I am rebuilding the site pages. Keeping the same visual style and structure for now, but, like, organised. I've changed out the desktop font, officially, from Times New Roman to Arial. My personal love of serifs conflicts with my spiritual desire for san-serif readability.

Personal Update

It has been a fun and social summer for me. I've been spending time with my best friend, and a few new friends, too. I have been doing real important stuff like going to night clubs, local gigs, Fairy Park, the McQueen exhibition, visiting Perth and Albany, watching classic movies (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The Silence of the Lambs, Dune, and most recently, The Seventh Seal) and reading classic books (Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Wuthering Heights, etcetera). I have not been sleeping well and I am occasionally beset by physiological horrors, but that is OK. I'm back into regular gym visits, at the beloved Night Gym, and getting shredded again. Overall status is very, very good!

Uni starts on the 27th of February! For all that I've been having fun, I have not been engaging much in the creative arts. So, I am keen to get back into that. Overhauling this site is a warm-up! I have been trying to keep up with Paris Fashion Week, Haute Couture Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, making my assessments of the global scene... ah this industry is a beast.

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