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Particulate Whole is a fashion material project about the experience of being a moving and modular composite of cells in cycle.

Sexy is a moodboard of photography and poetry, compiled for this website's original debut while studying Fashion Communication.

Sacred disassembles a car radio. This page was also created for the website debut, though the project itself was pursued in 2021 studying Body Artefacts and Accessories.

Coming soon...

What if we make out in the engine room? is an upcoming fashion collection. It's like a sexed-up 60's science fiction environmental set. Keen.

Fate-Strung is a story. Character profiles soon.

External Sites

Wordpress currently hosts the majority of digital artworks and I don't quite have the willpower to transfer them all over yet.

Wet Hay Mixtape is my poetry account on Twitter.
PDF Downloads

Kitty Dreams (2021) is a zine.

Wet Hay Mixtape (2019) collects the monthly art, poetry, and playlists of WHM from June - Dec 2019.

These next three are a bit old and just shy of 'cringe', but I've gotta respect my past self for making them.
Steel (2018) is a collection of illustrated poetry.
Recur.1 (2018) is a collection of angsty poetry.
42Dreams (2018) is a selection of (actual) dreams.