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28th of February, 2023. UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Links on this page do not go anywhere.
Fashion and Art and Poetry and Writing.
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Howdy! The latest fashion projects include the Feywish brand concept and designs for the initial collection, What If We Make Out In The Engine Room?. These were both completed as a part of my studies in 2022.

I am proud of this project work and it was well-received, and I enspecially enjoy wearing the velvet crop tops I made! However, it was created for the brief, and although it all aligns with my sensibilities well enough, I will have to judge if I find Feywish a useful and appropriate brand identity long-term.

Uni has started up, and we'll be getting right into some major projects. More on that soon...!

Other projects in this area include:

Particulate Whole
The Replay Shirt
The Sacred Car
Last-minute Nightclub Outfits.

The most recent art piece I have to share is Let's Deal in Trust, featuring characters Virga of the Hound Sky and Canary Bloodlust. Click to see the full piece, detail shots, and a litte write-up on the process!

Most of the artworks featured here are characters from the Fate-Strung setting, which you can read about in the Writing section.

2022: Trust, Furby Dreams, Instance & Good Effort, Lark & Portraits,
2021: CMYKXO, Jaspre the True, Kitty Dreams, Canary Hello, Virga portrait,
2020: Virga in the Sky, Darling Witchblood, Byyte,
2019: Dead Cowboy, Vitrified July & Wet Hay Mixtape, Safe Haunts. 2018/2017: Meatpunks, Steel?, Lark? Biome comic, SPCF, Holo.


In February I published my poems from 2021 & 2022 in a PDF, which you can download here or over on itch.io.

A decent portion of these had already been shared on my poetry Twitter account, Wet Hay Mixtape, but this PDF includes extras and off-cuts. I am a bit bashful about the whole thing, but that is poetry for you. Below is Snap-heart, a mean bit of fun from December 2022.

Writing & Fate-Strung

Although I do not share it anywhere, I have done a fair bit of writing for a setting I call Fate-Strung. This is where the majority of my cowboy, vampire, and faerie characters originate.

The central character is Virga of the Hound Sky, a twofold fey-touched fate-strung cowboy. He is presently cursed to follow the supernatural Hound Sky across an inescapable desert known as Darling's Playground...

Starring alongside Virga are a cast of faeries. This includes the isolated and murderous Canary Bloodlust, the bitchy Feylord Darling Witchblood, unambiguous schemer Rye of Stars, gentle ally Score of Curses, and torture-prone Jaspre the True.

This story also incorporates The Cactus Crew. Trapped in Darling's Playground, blessed and cursed by the Cactus God, they are essentially 'collateral damage'. Among them is Lark, a beloved character who I've had around for quite some time.

Well! That's all easy enough to say, but where is the novel? I've been writing stray snippets over the past couple of years, just to entertain myself, and believe me I was very surprised when an actual plot emerged. I have never been sure about sharing Fate-Strung, let alone in what format – novel, graphic novel, or do we dare dream of a fully-illustrated comic?

At the moment I believe the world and its characters are lacking depth and richness; my next step with this project is to research and build up the setting, and angle in some more sturdy and compelling characterizations.