Letters B, R, I, O, in yellow with a swift tilt and magenta glow.

Hello, I am Bri, and I am very cool.

I am studying fashion design.
I am in a band, as a bassist and co-vocalist.
I am agender, they/them. Trans, sexless, etc.

Reach out and touch faith...

You may email me through ponyviscera@gmail.com.
I made this site with Neocities and so can you. HTML and CSS is very fun, believe me. Go make a website.
3rd of March, 2023.

Today's mood is Rain by Tones on Tail.

Accessory to the mood is Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, both the Frankie Valli original and the cover by Morten Harket. I've also enjoyed a first listen of As the Blood of God Bursts the Veins of Time by Liturgy.
I have many Interests and Hobbies.

I love the gym >:) !!

I love the goth clubs and dancing (with enthusiasm). I listen to post-punk, new wave, gothic rock, synthpop, deathrock, a bit of noise, etc. This year I am going to Wave Gotik Treffen!

My favourite band is Depeche Mode! I'm keen for their upcoming album, Memento Mori, releasing on the 23rd of March...!

I'm keen on sci-fi novels, horror movies, and Majora's Mask speedruns.

And I really enjoy digital painting, as well as writing prose and poetry. You can check out the art here.